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The Flex Chronicles Part 2 : Swiz Framework 1.0.0 alpha update

Just to re-cap my previous post on the subject: I started a new Flex 4 project (an experimental social networking app now entitled “Xuland“) using the Swiz framework and I must say I’m quite impressed with it thus far.

What suprised me however was the release of the latest version of the swc, 1.0.0 alpha last week! I had begun this project using the latest 0.6.4 swc (for Flex 4) and voila, just in time for Christmas, Ben Clinkinbeard issued a notice on the Swiz Framework google group (http://groups.google.com/group/swiz-framework) stating that the alpha had been released.

The new alpha contains a host of new features I’m excited to get my hands on (do other folks really get this excited about frameworks?):

  1. Autowire:
    New and improved. Works much like the mx:Binding tag in MXML and supports a new “destination” attribute
  2. Dot-notation:
    Autowire now supports dot-notation (someClass.someProperty) rather than the former “property” attribute
  3. Setter injection:
    Swiz now supports single argument setter injection
  4. Custom metadata processors:
    Umm, wow. Create your own Swiz [Metadata] annotations using Swiz’s reflection API…fantastic!
  5. VirtualBean:
    A new tag included with Swiz that allows you to “beanitize” (is that a word?) a property on another bean.

In upgrading Xuland to 1.0.0, I encountered an issue with the AbstractController class in Swiz, which is now missing. Granted this abstract class just allowed my service controller to call “executeServiceCall” directly, but since these are just wrappers around static methods in the main Swiz class, I figured I could just reference those methods directly from my controller but alas I cannot.

These methods are completely gone from this version of Swiz, as is SwizConfig!

I’m either stuck with staying with 0.6.4 or modifying the 1.0.0 version to add the functionality back in (so I can still continue development of Xuland) or wait until the Swiz team comes up with another release. $%@$!

I suppose I *could* update my Application to remove the reference to SwizConfig, then move the RemoteObject definitions from Beans.mxml to my controller classes, then remove the executeServiceCall’s.

I’ll re-post what I end up doing hopefully with some code samples for anyone out there that’s curious.

Kudos to the Swiz team and I hope they continue finding time for this semi-brutally simple micro-architecture. :)

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