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Editing HTML in Flex Builder 3

March 28th, 2009 46 comments

Rarely have I ever had a need to edit HTML in Flex Builder. Other editors (Dreamweaver, for instance) were always available or I managed to get by with Flex Builder’s built-in plain text editor. Lately, however I’ve been working with HTML and Flex together more often and I decided to hunker down and get an HTML-editor plug-in installed in Flex Builder.

A quick solution was installing the PHP Development Toolkit plug-in (PDT) which could handle not only PHP code hinting and editing (if you needed that sort of thing), but also handled HTML as well.

Here were the steps I had to run through to get the PDT plug-in working in Flex Builder 3. First, we’ll need to install some pre-requisite frameworks and tools (like GEF, EMF and WST):

• First, from within Flex Builder, click

        Help –> Software Updates –> Find and Install –>
        Search for new features to install

• Check Europa Discovery Site and click Finish

• Expand Europa Discovery Site results

• Uncheck “Show the latest version of a feature only

• Find these groups and check the version listed:

        Graphical Editors and Frameworks
          • Graphical Editing Framework 3.3.2

        Java Development
          • Eclipse Java Development Tools 3.3.2

        Models and Model Development
          • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Runtime + End-User Tools 2.3.2
          • XML Schema Infoset Model (XSD) Extender SDK 2.3.2

        Web and JEE Development
          • Web Standard Tools (WST) Project 2.0.2

• Click Next

• Click the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button

• Click Finish

Now that that’s done, we’ll get on to the PDT installation:

• From within Flex Builder again, click

        Help –> Software Updates –> Find and Install–>
        Search for new features to install

• Click New Remote Site, and type in “PDT” for the name and for the URL

• Click Finish

• Uncheck “Show the latest version of a feature only

• Expand PDT

• Check PDT SDK 1.0.3 and click Finish

• Restart the Flex Builder workbench

• Once Flex Builder has restarted, click Window in the upper toolbar, then click

        Preferences –> General –> Editors –> File Associations

• Select “.html” and “.htm” and for each extension highlight “HTML Editor” and click Default. .
• Once you’re all done click OK.

That’s it!

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Flash Player 10 Coming in 2010 to Mobile Smartphones

February 17th, 2009 3 comments

At Adobe MAX San Francisco, I remember Kevin Lynch (CTO, Adobe) speaking in his keynote about the fact that they have been working to get Flash Player 10 on smart-phones. Considering Flash Player 10 had been released just a short time before MAX, we knew it would take quite some time for that realization to come true. However, today at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Adobe announced a date. In early next year, Flash Player 10 should be available on smartphones running Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, Nokia S60/Symbian, and the new Palm operating systems.

Currently, about 40% of mobile phones come shipped with Flash Lite. With the introduction of the full Flash Player 10 engine to smartphones, developers can now trust that their applications will run, without dumbing their code down to AS2 or Flash Lite.
Read the full article here:
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